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Terms of Use revised

I have revised the Terms of Use to reflect a more complete and accurate Privacy Policy. A privacy policy for a genealogical website may appear to be a contradiction of purpose. Our very existence depends on visitors to our site sharing information about themselves and their ancestors. However, the Claybourn Genealogical Society pledges to responsibly handle any personal information you give to us.

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John B. Claiborne branch updated

The amount of information we have on all of the Claybourn/Claiborne family members is enormous, and I’ve only begun to put it all online. But I’ve now uploaded everything I have available for John B. Claiborne and his descendants. Further, I’ve supplied footnotes and other references throughout. William Divine and James T.’s branches still require a lot of cleaning up to do, but for I’m happy with the progress in John B.’s branch. I’d like to give a particular thanks to Nancy Claiborne, daughter of Harry Eugene Claiborne, for her enormous help in securing pictures and other stories.

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