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The Sixth Child of Cashus and Rose Claybourn
23 May 1893 – 12 June 1961

Biographical Sketch

Earnie in about 1953

Earnest Theodore Claybourn (“Earnie”) was born on 23 May 1893 in Mount Vernon, Illinois, as the sixth child of Cashus and Rose Claybourn. He worked in a motor car service for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad beginning in about 1916 until he was forced to quit because of an accident. He designed a car that had wheels to run along the tracks so he could supervise.

Earnie married (1st) in 1913 to Jennie Poole of Bay City, Texas, and they had two children together (listed below) but then divorced.[The death certificate for Earnie’s first wife gives her father’s name as William Howard Pool, her first name as Jane, her birth date as 17 September 1893, and her birth place as Oxford, Iowa, which is in Johnson County. However most family records give her name as “Jennie” and national and state census records give her first name as Jennie as well. The spelling of her family name is sometimes listed as Pool and sometimes as Poole. The 1930 census taken in April shows Jennie and Ernest T. Claybourn and their two children living together in Dallas, Texas. So the divorce probably happened in 1930 since his second marriage took place in August 1930. Jennie did not marry again, and by 1940 she had moved to Long Beach, California, to be with her mother and siblings and lived there through about 1960. She then returned to Texas, died on 1 August 1963 in Dallas, and is buried there in Restland Park Memorial Cemetery with a headstone name of Jane P. Claybourn.] Earnie married (2nd) Mrs. Vera (Moss) Brawley on 31 August 1930.[Vera was born on 14 December 1895 in Cooke County, Texas, and later lived in Dallas. Prior to marrying Earnest she had married T.H. Brawley on 20 July 1914, but he died in 1917. Vera had two daughters from this marriage: Eula Hinton Richardson of Parsons and Mrs. E.C. (“Verda”) Grubbs of California (Verda died on 10 September 1981).] Earnie and Vera had two children together, listed below.

In 1955 Earnie sustained an accident at the MKT warehouse while on night duty in Oklahoma City. The accident left him permanently an invalid. Earnie died on 12 June 1961 and Vera died on 29 October 1962.


  1. Doris Marie Claybourn was born on 28 September 1914 in Houston, Texas. She had a good voice, sang in church choirs, performed on the radio in Dallas and Oklahoma City, and sang with the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra once. Doris married Claude Ambrose York Jr. on 28 September 1935.[Claude York Jr. was born on 6 October 1911 in Dallas, Texas.] Claude worked as a manufacturer’s representative for ladies “ready to wear clothing.” The two lived in Dallas, Texas. They had three children, listed below. Claude died on 14 March 1999 in Dallas County, Texas. Doris died on 7 April 2005 in Arlington, Texas. They are buried together in Restland Memorial Park Cemetery in Dallas County, Texas.

    1. Douglas Scott York was born on 4 February 1942 in Oklahoma City. He worked as a electrical engineer and lived in Richardson, Texas, for a while before possibly moving to Seattle, Washington. Doug was interested in building energy efficient homes.
    2. Linda Claudia York was born on 12 January 1945 in Oklahoma City. Linda obtained a master’s degree in landscape engineering and worked for an architectural planning company in Silver Springs, Maryland. She married Alan Dahl in 1965 and the two divorced in 1976 or 1977, but they had one child, Erica, listed below.

      1. Erica Lynn Dahl was born on 24 February 1971 in Boulder, Colorado.
    3. Timothy Claybourn York was born on 12 July 1948 in Oklahoma City.
  2. Earnest Theodore Claybourn Jr. (“Ted”) was born on 18 January 1916 in Bay City, Matagorda County, Texas. He served in the U.S. military from June 1946 to January 1949 flying transports during World War II. He later served as an airplane mechanic. Ted married (1st) on 12 August 1936 to Mary Elizabeth Prendeville (born in 1909 in Barton County, Kansas). They had one child, Gary. They divorced in about 1939 and she did not marry again. She died in 1994 in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is buried there in Greenoaks Memorial Park Cemetery as Elizabeth Claybourn.

    Ted married (2nd) Anne Catherine Shaw (born in 1918 in Nova Scotia, Canada). She was previously married to a Mr. Bradford with whom she had one son in Los Angeles, California, from 1940 to 1953. Ted and Anne married in about 1958 and they had two daughters together. They lived in Texas while Ted worked for Lockheed Martin. They divorced in April 1967 in Los Angeles. Anne did not marry again and she died in Glendale in 1998 and is buried as Anne C. Claybourn in Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles County, California. Ted married (3rd) on 22 April 1967 in Los Angeles County, California, to Paulette P. Rice (or Payne) (born in about 1921). Ted died on 31 August 1979 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.

    1. Garrett Joseph Claybourn (“Gary”) was born on 9 July 1937 in Parsons, Kansas, and was named after his mother’s father. Garrett did a small tour of duty in the United States Air Force as an airman, but later in life became a long-time resident of Baton Rouge and a successful businessman as CEO/owner of Claybourn Interiors. He loved his close friends and gave back to the community with gracious generosity. Gary was a man of God and loved great literature. He married on 9 November 1957 to Cyrilla P. Glatt (born in about 1939 in Emmons County, North Dakota). They lived in Parsons. Gary died on 9 March 2021 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
    2. Sheila Layne Claybourn was born on 19 October 1960 in Irving, Texas. She married on 14 February 1981 in Los Angeles County, California, to Louis Ramon Baltierra (born in 1951 in Kings County, California). Together they had two sons, Aaron Claybourn Baltierra and Jordan Michael Baltierra.

      1. Aaron Claybourn Baltierra was born in 1981 in Los Angeles County, California. He is listed as working as a police officer there in 2011 and 2012.
      2. Jordan Michael Baltierra was born in 1987 in San Bernadino County, California.
    3. Serena Jayne Claybourn was born in 1961 in Los Angeles County, California. She married in the 1980s to David Alan Erkel (born in 1951 in Los Angeles County and previously married from 1972 to 1976).

      1. Alexandria Star Erkel
      2. Leah Ann Erkel was born in 1990 in Orange County, California.
      3. Melissa Joy Erkel was born in 1993 in Orange County, California.
  3. Connie, Margaret, and their three oldest girls in Aug. 1960.
    Cathy Sue’s fifth grade picture
    (11 years old)

    Connie Mack Claybourn was born on 14 December 1933 in Parsons, Kansas, and was named after the famous baseball manager of the same name. He married (1st) on 6 May 1953 to Margaret Rose Dabalack (sometimes called “Babe”).[Margaret Dabalack was born on 18 November 1935 in Parsons, Kansas, to Frank and Rose Dabalack.] Connie worked for Texas Instruments. They lived at 1507 Meadow Brook, Garland, Texas, and had four children together, listed below. They eventually divorced and Margaret remarried to David Kosanda.

    Connie Mack married (2nd) in 1963 in Wheeler county, Texas, to Yvonne Prather Crownover.[Yvonne Prather was born in 1936 in Wheeler County, Texas. She was previously married to Frank Crownover (1933-2008) and had two sons who died as infants and a daughter with him. After she and Connie divorced she married Jacky Joe Cahall (1932-1993) in 1978 and lived in San Leandro, California.] They had a child, Kimberly, and then divorced in March 1971 in Santa Clara County, California.

    Connie Mack married (3rd) on 9 March 1974 in Washoe County, Nevada, to Elvira May “Elly” Henkel McKinney (born in 1936 and previously married to Dean R. McKinney from 1954 to 1973). They had no children but Elly had two sons from a prior marriage.[Elly McKinney’s children from her previous married were Michael John McKinney (born on 18 November 1955) and David Allen McKinney (born on 11 July 1958).] Connie died on 19 November 1990 in Santa Clara, California, and is buried in Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Labette County, Kansas.

    1. Catherine Suzanne Claybourn (“Cathy Sue”) was born on 10 December 1953 in Parsons, Kansas. She married on 28 June 1975 in Dallas County, Texas, to David Albert Hopson (born in about 1953). They had two children together, listed below, and later divorced on 29 July 2005 in Denton County, Texas.

      1. Eric Anthony Hopson was born on 14 January 1983 in Dallas County, Texas.
      2. Matthew David Hopson was born on 19 June 1985 in Dallas County, Texas.
    2. Paula Jean Claybourn was born on 27 January 1959 in Parsons, Kansas. She married (1st) on 15 November 1979 in Dallas County, Texas, to Abdolhamid “Tony” Afsari (born in 1957 and of Iranian descent). They divorced on 1 November 1982 in Dallas County. She married (2nd) on 23 July 1984 in Dallas County, Texas, to William Washington Walker Jr. (“Skeeter”) (born in 1950). Skeeter worked as a painter and Paula was a housewife. The two lived in Garland, Texas, and had two children together.

      1. Mary Margaret Walker was born in February 1985 in Dallas County, Texas.
      2. Adam Paul Walker was born in March 1997 in Collin County, Texas.
    3. Deborah Lynn Claybourn was born on 27 January 1959 in Parsons, Kansas. She married on 15 November 1983 in Dallas County, Texas, to William Joseph Darr (born in about 1959). They lived in Richardson, Texas, and had two children. Joe worked for Fujitsu in the Dallas area. Deborah and William later divorced on 24 January 2008 in Dallas County, Texas.

      1. Joseph Austin Darr was born on 28 June 1984 in Tarrant County, Texas.
      2. Jordan Marshall Darr was born on 24 June 1986 in Texas.
    4. Tracie Jo Claybourn was born on 19 March 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Tracie lived with her mother for a while in Richardson, Texas, and worked in telephone sales. She married on 9 September 2006 in Dallas County, Texas, to Howard Russell Womack (born in 1965 in Dallas County, Texas).
    5. Kimberly Dawn Claybourn was born on 4 December 1963 in Dallas County, Texas. She married on 1 December 1984 in Santa Clara County, California, to Michael J. Kellar (born in 1963). Mike served in the Air Force and was stationed in Ipswitch, England.

      1. Erica Dawn Kellar was born in 1989 in Sacramento County, California. She married Keith James Brown on 5 April 2008 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
      2. Brandon Michael Kellar was born in 1992 in Sacramento County, California.
  4. Sonja Lee Claybourn was born 30 May 1941 in Parsons, Kansas, and graduated from high school in 1959. On 22 November 1962 she married Jack Vincent Ward Jr. at the Washington Avenue Methodist Church.[Jack Ward was born on 11 February 1941 to Jack V. and Ruth E. (Wall) Ward.] They had three children, listed below. Jack grew up in Parsons, Kansas, and attended Parsons schools, graduating from Parsons High School in 1959. He graduated from Parsons Junior College in 1962 and attended Kansas State College in Pittsburgh.

    Jack worked at the Broderick Co. for many years until the mid-1980s and then worked at Signature Sportswear until its closure in 2013 when he retired. Jack worked for more than fifty years in the garment manufacturing industry. Sonja worked for Kansas Power & Light. Jack enjoyed jazz music and photography. He liked going to antique car and airplane shows, and also had a strong interest in steam engine trains. Jack was a faithful Red Cross blood donor. Both he and Sonja were members of the Wesley United Methodist Church. Jack died on 7 October 2017.

    1. Charles Michael Ward (“Mike”) was born on 18 October 1965 and lived in Kansas City and Platte City, Missouri. His parents derived his name from both sides of the Claybourn/Ward families. Charles Marshal Ward, his great-great grandfather, and Connie Mack Claybourn, resulted in “C. M. Claybourn.” His birth name was “Charles Michael Ward,” his legal name was “C. Michael Ward,” but he actually answered to the name Mike. Mike graduated from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, and had a brief stint in banking and retail management. Thereafter he joined Southwest Airlines at 26-years-old and stayed with the company his entire career. Mike lived in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Like many in the family, Mike was raised in the United Methodist Church and belonged to the Washington Avenue United Methodist Episcopal Church in Parsons, Kansas (his birth place), which later became Wesley United Methodist Church. In Kansas City, he mostly attended Grace and Holy Episcopal Cathedral or the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.
    2. David Vincent Ward was born on 22 July 1968 and resided in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from the University of Kansas and worked as a web designer and software engineer.
    3. Nancy Jane Ward was born on 8 July 1969 and resided in Parsons, Kansas. She graduated from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, and worked as a school teacher. On 20 July 1991 Nancy married Michael Shawn Krull of Girard, Kansas, at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Parsons.[Michael Krull was born to Judy Stuart (Kansas City, Missouri) and Larry Krull (Lawrence, Missouri).] They had three children, listed below.

      1. Wesley Michael Krull was born on 26 January 1994.
      2. Kaylee Jane Krull was born on 13 August 1996.
      3. Sydney Shawn Krull was born on 24 September 2000.

References and Notes