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Headstone Restoration Project

Joshua Claybourn

James Thompson Clayborn (1822-1900) and Belinda/Malinda Clayborn (1827-1907) are the ancestors of a massive branch of the family primarily residing in middle Tennessee. Despite living in a Confederate state, this couple stayed loyal to the Union during the Civil War and worked to scrape by a living for their large family. Now, sadly, the only physical memorial left of them is in disrepair. The Claybourn Genealogical Society – with your help – is looking to properly restore these patriots’ headstone.

Freddy Curtis, a descendant of the couple, has worked with a stonemason from Woodbury, Tennessee, for plans to restore the headstone to its proper state in Dismal Cemetery in Liberty, Tennessee. The stonemason has proposed to dig a footer about 8 to 10 inches deep and pour a concrete slab that is level. He will then let that cure for several days. After that, he will place the base on the pad and use concrete adhesive to secure the base, pedestal, and obelisk. He will then clean it up from all the moss and lichen growth during the process too.

Headstone Restoration Project

Amt: $

This restoration will cost $300.00 and should hopefully last another hundred years or more. The Claybourn Genealogical Society and its president, Joshua Claybourn, have committed $200.00 to the project and now need your help to close the gap and secure the remaining $100. To donate please use the PayPal feature below or mail your check c/o of Claybourn Genealogical Society to 100 E Jennings St., Newburgh, IN 47630. After making your donation please email [email protected] so that it can be properly allocated. All contributions are tax deductible. Help us perpetuate the memory of these patriots.

Update: Thanks to the generosity of a relative and their contribution of $100, this restoration project can proceed. We really appreciate such help! You are still welcome to donate to help with future restoration projects.