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Headstone Restoration Complete!

Joshua Claybourn

This year the Claybourn Genealogical Society (CGS) embarked on a project to repair and restore the headstone of James Thompson Clayborn (1822-1900) and Belinda/Malinda Clayborn (1827-1907), the ancestors of a massive branch of the family primarily residing in middle Tennessee. Despite living in a Confederate state, this couple stayed loyal to the Union during the Civil War and worked to scrape by a living for their large family.

Their headstone had fallen apart in a terribly disrespectful state. Thanks to the donations of CGS members and supporters, we’ve been able to restore the headstone to its original state. The restoration involved a new footer of level concrete slab, the base on the footer, and concrete adhesive to secure the base, pedestal, and obelisk. Moss and lichen growth were also removed during the process. The inscription at the bottom of James’s side of the obelisk states:

“Be ye ready for
in such an hour
as ye think not the
Son of Man cometh.”