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Joshua Clyburn is the earliest known ancestor of the Claybourn family. He is listed in the 1790 census as “Joshua Clyburn” and resided in Robeson County, North Carolina. Five years later he purchased land for his son Ephraim Claybourn there. Although much of Joshua’s lineage remains shrouded in mystery, thanks to DNA evidence we know with a high degree of probability that he descended from an English branch originating in Westmorland County in northern England.

You’re invited to begin the journey of our family’s history by reading about Joshua Clyburn and his children, including daughter Sally and son Ephraim Claybourn. From there you can move on to specific biographical sketches of Ephraim’s children, including John B. Claiborne, William Divine Claybourn, James Thompson Clayborn and Luticia Achea Claiborne. The hundreds of descendants from these three sons are chronicled as well and gets progressively more detailed as the generations progress toward modernity. To access descendants follow the links at the bottom and side of each biography. Below is an outline setting forth certain biographies, with numerous additional ancestors set forth therein.