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Sixth Child of Newt and Sarah Hawkins
4 October 1877 – 10 February 1951

Harry Hawkins was born on 4 October 1877 in Jefferson County, Illinois to Newt and Sarah Hawkins.[The bulk of information about Harry and his family have been provided or confirmed by Jan Hawkins Biller, who corresponded with Joshua A. Claybourn in the summer of 2010.] On 12 November 1902 he married Casandra (“Cassie”) Maud Shippler (born 7 October 1885) in Raymond, Kansas. In a World War I draft registration card, when Harry was 40 years old, he was listed as a self-employed barber with short height, slender build, blue eyes and brown hair. This same occupation as barber is listed for Harry in the 1910 and 1920 census. However, by 1940 he listed his occupation as automobile salesman for an automobile agency. Harry died on 10 February 1951 and Cassie died on 11 April 1960, both in Sterling, Kansas. They are buried there together in Sterling Cemetery.


  1. Marie Millie Hawkins was born on 9 June 1903 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. On 7 June 1942 she married Claude Bernard Golike in Washoe Co., Nevada.[Claude Golike was born on 19 February 1901 in Madison Co., Illinois.] Claude died on 3 March 1992 and Mary followed on 22 August 1993, both in Sterling, Kansas, where they are buried.
  2. Melville Newton Hawkins was born on 31 October 1904 in Raymond, Rice County, Kansas. He married Violet Maude Beatty on 16 August 1926.[Violet Beatty was born on 20 May 1907 in Kansas.] Melville died on 6 November 1982 and his wife followed in death the next day on 7 November 1982, in Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas. They are buried together in Sterling Cemetery in Rice County.

    1. James M. Hawkins was born on 22 April 1927 in Sterling, Kansas.
    2. Richard L Hawkins was born on 2 November 1930 in Sterling, Kansas.

  3. Lawrence Harry Hawkins was born on 7 August 1906 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. He married (1st) Grace Laura Wiles (1911-1981) on 12 June 1927 in Denver, Colorado, but they later divorced. Together they had one child, Phyllis LaVaughn Hawkins, listed below. Lawrence married (2nd) Eva Lee Hines (1913-1989) on 4 April 1924 at Medicine Lodge, Kansas.[Eva Hines was born 4 April 1934 and died on 6 October 1989 in Sterling, Kansas.] Lawrence and Eva had one child, Michael, listed below. Lawrence died on 4 July 1979 and is buried in Sterling, Kansas, near his wife Eva.

    1. Phyllis LaVaughn Hawkins was born on 23 October 1929 to Lawrence and Grace Hawkins in Larned, Kansas. She married Clarence E. Windle (1925-2014). They had three daughters and two sons.
    2. Michael Harry Hawkins was born on 29 April 1939 in Sterling, Kansas to Lawrence and Eva Lee Hawkins. On 6 August 1971 he married Barbara Jo Dean Helfrich in Syracuse, Kansas.[Barbara Helfrich was born on 19 September 1939.] In 1985, he began Mike Hawkins Co., which specialized in designing, permitting and constructing livestock facilities and dairies, a business that later joined with Terracon, where he became the director of livestock services. He retired in January of 2009. He was a veteran of the National Guard and the U.S. Army. Michael died on 29 August 2010 in Syracuse, where he buried in the Syracuse Cemetery. They had two children, listed below.

      1. Jory Kate Hawkins was born on 20 Aug. 1973 in Kansas. She married a man with the last name Haslett.
      2. Parke Elliott Hawkins was born on 8 July 1980 in Kansas.
  4. Victor Harold Hawkins was born on 20 September 1908 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. He married Marie Bernice Werner on 2 November 1930 at Clay Center, Kansas.[Marie Werner was born on 3 February 1908 in Clay Center, Kansas.] Victor died on 25 October 1983 and Marie followed on 28 October 1991. Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Clay County, Kansas.
  5. Velma Beatrice Hawkins was born on 4 March 1910 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. She married Chester Willard Dobyns on 23 January 1943 in Salina, Kansas.[Chester Dobyns was born on 8 December 1904 in Sterling, Kansas.] Chester died on 2 September 1981 and Velma followed on on 27 October 2000, both in Sterling, Kansas. Both are buried there in Sterling Cemetery.
  6. Carl Elliot Hawkins was born on 31 August 1912 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. He married Ester Louise Monson on 13 June 1936 in Clay Center, Kansas.[Ester Monson was born on 24 September 1914 in Rice County, Kansas.] Carl served in the U.S. military from April 1943 to October 1945. Ester died on 28 June 1984 in Sterling, Kansas and Carl followed on 7 March 1985. Both are buried in Sterling, Kansas. Together they had one child.

    1. Carla Lou Hawkins was born on 2 November 1947 in Sterling, Kansas. She married Douglas Evan Price in 19 October 1968 in Sterling, Kansas and had one son.

  7. Achsah Chloe Hawkins was born on 9 November 1914 in Raymond, Rice Co., Kansas. She married Roy Madison Fly on 14 February 1941 in Los Angeles, California.[Roy Fly was born on 21 November 1911 in Sante Fe, Tennessee. He descended from Rev. John Fly (born 1772) via his son “Capt. John”, b. 1802 and first wife, Sarah “Sally” McCracken, by son Joseph Laweence Fly and wife Margaret Rebecca Maddox, then William Maurice Fly and wife Martha Manila (Gray) Fly, then Emory Clayton Fly and Betty Estelle (Walker) Fly, then Roy Madison Fly and Achsah Chloe (Hawkins) Fly.] Achsah was a mother and homemaker her entire life and loved by all for her sense of humor, thoughtfulness, generosity and her “Cowboy Cookies.” She was a member of Westminster United Methodist Church of Houston. Roy died on 9 February 2000 and Achsah died peacefully on 4 January 2004 after a brief illness. Both lived in Conroe, Texas at the time of their death. They are buried in Sterling, Kansas. Together they had two children, listed below.

    1. Karen Marie Fly was born on 30 January 1945 in Los Angeles, California. She married (1st) on 17 April 1976 in Harris County, Texas, to Ronald Wayne Leftwich, who had been previously married and divorced. Karen and Ronald divorced on 30 December 1966 in Harris County. Karen married (2nd) Pat Achterberg and they resided in Houston, Texas.
    2. Robert Edwin Fly was born on 10 April 1947 in Los Angeles, California. He married a woman named Sara and lived in Winston, North Carolina.

  8. Willard Marion Hawkins was born on 11 December 1916 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. He married (1st) Thelma Roberta Ray (1918-2002) on 20 December 1936 in Hutchinson, Kansas. They had Janice Joy Hawkins, listed below. Willard then married (2nd) Lorraine Maxine Arch on 13 May 1960 in Tijuana, Mexico.[Lorraine Arch was born on 8 January 1921 in North Dakota and died in 2004. She was previously married to a Mr. Miller.] He enlisted in the U.S. Army in September 1942 and served to November 1945. Willard died on 24 January 1987 in Twentynine Palms, California. His ashes were scattered at sea.

    1. Janice Joy Hawkins was born on 9 June 1938 to Willard and Thelma Hawkins in Sterling, Kansas.

  9. Wathena Geraldine Hawkins was born on 17 January 1920 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. She married William Melvin Miller (1921-1990) on 17 January 1942 in Sterling, Kansas. Wathena died on 2 February 1963 in Sterling, Kansas. She and William had three children.

    1. Irvin Miller was born on 17 August 1945 Sterling, Kansas. He married twice and had a son with his first wife and a daughter with his second wife.
    2. Barbara June Miller was born on 11 July 1948 in Sterling, Kansas. She married and had four children.
    3. Mary Sue Miller was born on 22 September 1950 in Sterling, Kansas. She married and had one son.

  10. Doris Virginia Hawkins was born on 19 February 1923 in Raymond, Rice, Kansas. She married Robert Spencer Nichols on 27 February 1943 in Americus, Georgia. They lived for some time in Grants Pass, Oregon. They had two children together, listed below.

    1. Cassandra Lucille Nichols was born on 15 August 1945 in Sterling, Kansas. She married three times and had a son and daughter from the first marriage.
    2. Robert Bernard Nichols was born on 8 December 1952 in San Francisco, California. He married and had one son.

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