George Washington Williams

Eighth Child of Luticia and Jesse Williams
10 November 1859 – 4 June 1945

George Washington Williams was born on 10 November 1859 to Luticia and Jesse Williams in Van Buren County, Arkansas. He married on 8 October 1882 to Annie (or Anna) Laura Jenkins.[Annie Jenkins was born on 14 January 1867 to Samuel Dupree Jenkins and Mary Elizabeth Bates.] The pair moved from Van Buren to Quitman, Cleburne County, Arkansas, in 1888 and had six children together. Their house in Quitman remained standing until it was destroyed by fire in February 1992.[Leon Lewallen, “My Lewallen Tree,” 31 December 2002, accessed at] Annie died on 20 December 1940 and George followed on 4 June 1945, both in Cleburne County, Arkansas.[Both George and Anna are buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Faulkner County, Arkansas.]


  1. Watson Dupree Williams was born on 15 September 1883 in the Mt. Pleasant Community of Arkansas.[Angela Cliburne, “The Story of An American Pioneer”.] On 15 December 1912 he married Ida May Clayton in Arkansas and they had one child together.[Ida Clayton was born on 24 December 1887 and died on 22 November 1948 in Cleburne County, Arkansas.] Watson died on 19 December 1965 in Cleburn County, Arkansas, and is buried at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Faulkner County, Arkansas.[Sondra Johnson, “Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Faulkner Co., Arkansas,” 26 February 2004, available at]

    1. John Max Williams was born on 31 August 1924 in Cleburne County, Arkansas. He married Willodean McKaskle and died on 22 June 1982 in Arkansas.[John is buried in the Crestlawn Memorial Gardens in Conway, Faulkner County, Arkansas.] John and Willodean had one child, Faber Howard Williams, born in about 1945.
  2. Letha Anne Williams was born on 6 September 1886 in Conway, Faulkner County, Arkansas. Some relatives remember her being so quiet that they can’t ever remember hearing her talk. She died on 22 February 1963 at home in Arkansas and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Faulkner County.
  3. Mamie Inez Williams was born on 16 June 1889 in Arkansas. She married Austin A. Johnson (born on 5 August 1882). Mamie died at the young age of twenty on 19 November 1919 and her husband died many years later in 1971 in Arkansas.[Mamie and Austin are both buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Faulkner County, Arkansas.] Despite Mamie’s death at a young age, she had four children, all listed below.

    1. Earl Hardy Johnson was born on 22 September 1914 in Arkansas. He married Vauda Lee Cunningham and died on 20 February 1968.[Earl Johnson is buried in Crestlawn Cemetery in Conway, Faulkner County, Arkansas.]
    2. Opal Inez Johnson was born on 21 September 1915 in Arkansas and married Arnold L. Crosby. Together they had at least five children (three males and two females). Opal died on 20 June 1975 and Arnold died on 28 August 1990, both in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas.
    3. Paul Turney Johnson was born on 19 December 1916 but died about eight months later on 12 August 1917. He is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Faulkner County, Arkansas.
    4. Troy Martin Johnson was born on 27 May 1918 in Arkansas and died on 2 November 1989 in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.
  4. Mary Emma Williams was born on 15 August 1891 in Cleburne County, Arkansas. She married Alfred Ollin Ward.[Alfred Ward was born on 29 January 1895 and died on 11 December 1922.] Mary died on 24 June 1960 in Arkansas and is buried in the Pearson Cemetery. They had at least one child, Mary Olena Ward, born on 2 December 1922.
  5. Deema Ween Williams was born on 3 July 1893 in Cleburne County, Arkansas. On 5 December 1915 she married Isaac Byrd Brannon in Faulkner County, Arkansas.[Isaac Brannon was born on 15 October 1884 in Arkansas and died in October 1959 in Quitman, Cleburne County, Arkansas.] They had four children together, listed below. Deema died on 1 May 1955 in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.

    1. Pauline Brannon was born on 8 July 1917 in Quitman, Cleburne County, Arkansas. On 14 November 1936 she married in Van Buren County, Arkansas, to William Ervin Lewallen (born on 13 April 1915 in Morganton, Arkansas). William and Pauline were married by Rev. G.W. Williams, Pauline’s grandfather. Together they had five children (three males and two females). Pauline died on 2 June 1960 in Cardwell, Dunklin County, Missouri, and William followed in death in December 1975 in Chicago, Illinois.
    2. Doris Mae Brannon was born on 7 September 1921 in Arkansas. On 22 February 1939 she married in Faulkner County, Arkansas, to Jesse Doyne Parish (born on 7 August 1916 in Arkansas). They had four children together. Doris died on 27 January 1987 and Jesse followed on 2 May 1999, both in Bee Branch, Van Buren County, Arkansas.
    3. Clarise Maude Brannon was born on 19 July 1923 in Arkansas. On 27 July 1946 she married in Faulker County, Arkansas, to Conley James Lawrence (born on 23 February 1918). Together they had four children, listed below. Conley died on 26 November 1973 and Clarise on 2 July 1995, both in Pulaski County, Arkansas. Both are buried in Crestlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Faulkner County.

      1. Jimmy Dean Lawrence was born on 17 January 1950 and died in an automobile accident on 18 January 2001 in Little Rock, Arkansas.
      2. Lavonda Gail Lawrence
      3. Randy Lawrence
      4. Carla Sue Lawrence
    4. Gladys Marie Brannon was born on 4 February 1927 in Arkansas. She married Alonzo Long and died on 4 September 2005 in Fowler, Georgia. Gladys and Alonzo had at least three children.
  6. Avery Clark Williams was born on 8 June 1904 in Cleburne County, Arkansas. He died on 24 May 1986 in the Lakeland Nursing Home in Heber Springs, Cleburne County, Arkansas.

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