Maudie Jane Clayborn

Third Child of William H. and Melinda Clayborn
March of 1890 – 29 October 1979

Maudie Jane Clayborn was born on 16 September 1890 to William H. and Matilda Clayborn.[The birthdate on Maudie’s tombstone is March 1890, but in an inverview with William Freddy Curtis on 27 March 2009, Charlie Brown Cubbins indicated the birthdate is 16 September 1890. The 1900 U.S. Census gives 1890 as the birth year. See 1900 United States Census, Civil District 19, DeKalb County, Tennessee.] She married George Allen Cubbins on 27 May 1906 in DeKalb County, Tennessee, with services by Rev. L.M. Beckwith.[George Cubbins was born on 3 August 1886. Unless otherwise noted, all of the information on Maudie and her family is based upon the research of William Freddy Curtis and information available in Maudie’s obituary.] Together they had four sons and five daughters, all listed below. Maudie died on 29 October 1979 and George followed on 15 April 1982.


  1. William Emory Cubbins (“Bill”) was born on 15 September 1907 and married on 30 December 1923 to Nettie Elizabeth Hicks in DeKalb County, Tennessee, by T. M. Tramel.[According to her obituary, Nettie was born in about 1909 to Willie and Fannie Mullican Hicks.] Together they had six children. Bill was a Baptist and a retired truck driver. He died on 9 February 1994 and Nettie followed on 18 April 2009.[Obituary of Nettie Elizabeth Hicks Cubbins, WJLE Radio Station, Smithville, Tennessee, 18 April 2009.]

    1. Charles Cubbins was born on 7 July 1940 and died on 18 September 2002.
    2. Carolyn Cubbins was born on 27 February 1945 and died on 29 June 1960.
    3. J.C. Cubbins was born on 24 January 1926. J.C. lived in Fontana, California. He died there on 28 January 2004 and graveside services were held on 25 February 2004 at Ponder Cemetery near Smithville, Tennessee.
    4. Eleasie Cubbins
    5. Dinah Cubbins
    6. Myrtle Cubbins
  2. James Dalton Cubbins (“Dalton”) was born on 23 August 1909. He married on 17 July 1931 to Lottie Turner (born on 14 February 1915) in DeKalb County, Tennessee, by T. M. Yeargin. They were both members of the Fullers Chapel United Methodist Church (with Dalton serving as superintendent for forty years) and long-time residents of the Dismal Community near Liberty, Tennessee. Lottie worked at the Smithville Garment Factory for over twenty-five years. Dalton was a bridge builder for the County Highway Department, a farmer, and served as County Commissioner in the early 1950s. Dalton died on 2 September 2004 and Lottie followed on 19 August 2006.

    1. Joe Allen Cubbins was born on 12 January 1933. He married Shirley Johnson on 23 December 1954 in Rossville, Georgia. They had two daughters. Joe died on 28 January 1970.

      1. Melissa Cubbins was born on 12 October 1960 and married (1st) Jerry Farler in 1984. They divorced and Melissa married (2nd) Dwight Gee.
      2. Gelanda Marie Cubbins was born on 15 January 1964 and died on 7 February 1965.
    2. Faye Cubbins Taylor married Joe Taylor and together they had three children: Gene Taylor, Pam Taylor, and Jennifer Taylor.
    3. Linda Sue Cubbins Tramel was born on 3 April 1948 in Dismal, DeKalb County, Tennessee, and married on 14 December 1968 to Randall Glynn Tramel (born on 15 July 1948). Linda and Randy lived in Smithville, Tennessee, and had two children.

      1. Gregory Tramel was born on 31 May 1969 in Smithville, DeKalb County, Tennessee. He married on 19 February 1988 to Lisa Annette Atnip (born on 1 September 1968 in Hinsdale, Illinois). Together they and their two sons lived in Baxter, Putnam County, Tennessee.

        1. Chase Allen Tramel was born on 23 September 1988 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
        2. Caleb Alexander Tramel was born on 18 July 1991 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
      2. Jeffery Layne Tramel was born on 28 September 1971 in Smithville, Tennessee. He married on 1 January 1998 to Kelly Kathleen Flanagan (born on 1 July 1973) and they had two children. The two later divorced in November 2007 and Jeffery moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

        1. Grayson Layne Tramel was born on 29 July 2000 in Jacksonville, Florida.
        2. Macy Kathleen Tramel was born on 20 January 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida.
  3. Eva Cubbins was born in 1911. She married on 10 November 1929 to Grady Crook (born in 1909) in DeKalb County, Tennessee, by P. M. Clayton. Eva was a former clerk at Fuston’s 5 & 10 in Smithville and a member of Elizabeth Chapel Baptist Church. Grady died in 1977 and Eva followed many years later on 11 October 2005.

    1. Athelene Crook was born on 27 August 1930 and died on 22 April 1931.
    2. Will Allen Crook was born on 19 April 1934 and died on 21 July 1968.
    3. Margie Crook
  4. Elsie Etta Cubbins was born in 1913 in DeKalb County, Tennessee. She worked as a cook with the DeKalb County School System. Elsie resided in Smithville and attended the Mt. Pisgah Freewill Baptist Church. She married (1st) Delton Washer and together they had three sons. She married (2nd) James Brady, and (3rd) Richard Driver. Elsie died on 17 April 2004 at Baptist DeKalb Hospital in Tennessee and is buried in DeKalb Memorial Gardens.

    1. Billy Wayne Washer
    2. Houston Washer married a woman named Nelle and together they lived in Smithville, Tennessee.
    3. Phillip Washer married a woman named Terri and together they lived in Georgia.
  5. Georgia Cubbins was born in 1915 and resided in Smithville, Tennessee, most of her life. She married on 18 December 1931 to William Connie Hendrixson in DeKalb County, Tennessee, by Rev. L. W. Beckwith. They ran Hendrixson Grocery in Smithville for many years and had one daughter, Joyce Hendrixson, who was living in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1984. William died on 20 September 1984 and Joyce then moved back home to Smithville to care for her mother. Georgia died on 28 December 2009 with graveside services and interment at DeKalb Memorial Gardens in Smithville held the following day.
  6. Dexie Novella Cubbins was born on 2 June 1918. She married (1st) on 13 May 1934 to Virgil Young (born in 1914) on 13 May 1934 in DeKalb County, Tennessee, by Rev. James Davenport. They had one daughter, Jo Doris Young, who was born on 13 June 1939. Dexie worked at Spartan Mfg. Co. Presser and was of the Baptist Faith. She and Virgil divorced in 1964. Dexie married (2nd) Floyd Hooper (born on 3 September 1915). Floyd died on 6 April 1979 and Dexie passed away on 1 May 2004 at NHC Healthcare in Smithville, Tennessee.
  7. Walter Harding Cubbins was born in 1921. Walter married Ina Wilma Davis on 24 December 1941 in DeKalb County, Tennessee by Rev. P. M. Clayton. They had two children, Rita Cubbins and Sandra Cubbins. Walter was a member of Covenant Baptist Church, a farmer, and a retired school bus driver. Walter died on 27 September 1998 and Ina followed on 11 March 2005.
  8. Charlie Brown Cubbins (“Brown”) was born on 14 May 1924 in DeKalb County, Tennessee. He married (1st) on 31 March 1943 to Jewell Lee Gay (born on 7 February 1921) in Sentobia, Mississippi. They had four children, listed below, and Jewell died on 13 April 1999. Brown married (2nd) on 4 October 2003 to Sandra Kay Perry (born on 7 April 1941) in Jackson, Mississippi. Brown was an Army veteran of World War II and the Korean Conflict, and later a pastor at Grace Congregational Methodist Church and lived in Olive Branch, Mississippi.[Charlie Brown Cubbins Oral interview with Wm. Freddy Curtis on 27 March 2009.] Brown died on 24 March 2010.

    1. Barbara Jean Cubbins was born on 1 March 1947 in Memphis, Tennessee.
    2. Charles Wayne Cubbins was born on 22 December 1950 in Ft. Carson, Colorado.
    3. Brenda Lee Cubbins was born on 21 July 1953 in Memphis, Tennessee. She married Mark Easterwood and had two children, Mark Brenton Easterwood and April Leigh Easterwood. Brenda passed away on 3 March 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee, and is buried there in Memory Gardens Cemetery.
    4. Kenneth Ray Cubbins was born on 17 August 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee.
  9. Grace Cubbins was born on 8 June 1931. She married Chester Parsley (1924-1995) in Rossville, Georgia. They had two sons, Larry Dale Parsley and Ricky Dwayne Parsley.

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