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The Claybourn Family Tree

The site is organized in a hierarchical structure. It begins with biographical sketches of Joshua Clyburn, the earliest known ancestor, his daughter, Sarah "Sally" Claybourn, and son Ephraim Claybourn. From there the biographies delve more deeply into Ephraim's children, including John B. Claiborne, William Divine Claybourn, James Thompson Clayborn and Luticia Achea Claiborne. Their hundreds of descendants are chronicled as well. That information can be accessed by following links within their ancestors' biographies, or using the tree outline to the right. If you do not know which of Ephraim's children you descend from, consider using the search engines below.

Most biographical pages will list children on the left, and most of the biographical pages also contain a simplified pedigree chart. Information on the Claybourn wives can be found on the pages of their husbands. This was done primarily for archival ease, and also because there is simply more historical evidence and information available about men of the family. But there remains a treasure trove of information about the Claybourn women and that is typically included on their husband's pages.

Visit the CGS News page to keep on the latest news and findings. If you have other questions, contact the society electronically simply email us here. To contact through the postal service, write to:

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Using a Search Engine

This site uses Google and MSN to crawl the content offered here. Because of the enormous amount of information held by the Society, we have not been able to place it all online. That is a continual work in progress. If you cannot find the information you're seeking, or you wish additional information, do not hesitate to contact us and request more info.


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Citing to CGS

If you wish to cite to this website in research, we recommend using the Chicago Manual of Style. For notes, footnotes, or endnotes, use the following format:

"[Insert name of article here]," The Claybourn Genealogical Society, accessed [insert date page was accessed], [Insert specific URL here].
Within a bibliography, use the following format:
The Claybourn Genealogical Society. "[Insert name of article here]." Accessed [insert date page was accessed]. [Insert specific URL here].

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